Grow Your Business

You’ve started and managed your microbusiness for a while — now it’s time to make it grow!

It’s time to think strategically — to transform your marketing model, to review your existing products and services, to develop your personal branding, or to tackle the logistical obstacles to growth.

Here are some of the challenges you will face on your way to reaching more customers and increasing your revenues:

  • Create marketing goals, strategies and campaigns
  • Customize marketing techniques to your products and services
  • Increase brand and name recognition
  • Design new marketing materials
  • Drive traffic to your business and website
  • Determine which marketing techniques are working for you
  • Decide whether to hire additional help

Microbusiness Toolbox offers coaching to help you clarify your vision and choose an approach to your business which works with the person you are; consulting to help you start, manage, and grow your business on a practical level; and an array of services to help you get started with a web site or ecommerce, establish an effective online presence, manage your communications, and set up business management systems. While we do not provide legal or financial services, we can also walk you through the process of finding reputable local providers for these needs.