Market Your Business

  • Marketing is a little bit of a dirty word to some people. Especially creative types. And businesses with an environmental or social mission. And nonprofits.

Most of us were raised not to talk about money. But beyond that, it’s almost as though we think that making a profit is one step away from being the Wolf of Wall Street.

Get over it.

Making a profit– also known as running in the black — is in fact the one guarantee to be able to keep making your art, providing your service, or fulfilling your mission statement. If you can’t do that, you’re going to end up as a cashier at WalMart, and what good will you be doing yourself then?

But marketing can get complicated. You have to:

  • Do your homework
  • Develop a product or service that people need or want
  • Price it right
  • Get your name out there
  • Make it easy for people to buy from you

That means doing market research, understanding how to price your product or service, developing a marketing strategy, testing sales and advertising options, building an online presence including a web site and social media,  and possibly incorporating an e-commerce platform.

Nonprofits don’t get off the hook on marketing.  Developing name recognition, getting your message out, and knowing where your money is coming from is just as important for an organization that isn’t relying on traditional sales and profit models.

We can help with:

  • Market research
  • Marketing plans
  • Pricing your products or services
  • Building or optimizing your web site
  • Installing shopping cart software and setting up online payment solutions
  • Establishing your web presence through social media
  • Developing your sales literature, blogs, and newsletter

Microbusiness Toolbox offers coaching and consulting to help you start, manage, and grow your business; and an array of services to help you get started with a web site or ecommerce, establish an effective online presence, manage your communications, and set up business management systems. While we do not provide legal or financial services, we can also walk you through the process of finding reputable local providers.