Microbusinesses are the tiniest businesses out there — people like you, with an art, a product, a skill, or a service to offer.  In spite of their small size, microbusinesses are the fastest growing sector of the job market today.

Microbusinesses are typically started and run by one or two people, often on a shoestring, and often from home — at least at first. Microbusinesses are artists and artisans, small scale food producers, professionals working from home, green entrepreneurs.  They are caregivers, creators, tutors, gardeners, and tradespeople.  What they all have in common is the desire to work for themselves, and a unique set of logistical challenges.

Microbusiness owners struggle with raising  startup money, creating a brand, and dealing with all the aspects of starting, running, and growing a business. It’s easy to get spread too thin — and to run out of time for carrying out your original objectives.

As you may already have discovered, there’s plenty of help and advice out there for small businesses. However, the official definition of “small business” covers any company with under to 500 employees! These companies’ needs are completely different from yours!

That’s where Microbusiness Toolbox can help!  We have 35 years’ experience with tiny businesses.  We offer hands-on coaching and consulting to help you get going, resources to guide you in the things you can do yourself, and a suite of services for the tasks you choose to outsource.