Work at home

Most microbusiness owners work at (or from) home.  It’s the logical option.

Whether you’re a writer, an artist, a carpenter with an office in the spare bedroom, or a music teacher with a piano in the living room, you have probably dealt with at least a few of the challenges that other people who work at home are facing.

The upside is that the space is already paid for, and there’s no commute.  And for a lot of people, working from home lets them step away from the desk or studio to exercise, read, or garden at intervals, giving the day a nice flow.

But the list of challenges could go on for pages:

  • proximity to the fridge, the tv, and other distractions
  • the temptation to work in your pajamas
  • finding office and work space in your house
  • work mess overflowing into living space
  • life mess overflowing into work space
  • having co-workers in your living space all day
  • frequent interruptions from your other life
  • dealing with unstructured time
  • friends and family who don’t respect your work hours
  • no formal end to the work day

Finding a work-life balance can be even harder when you work at home than it is for people who are away all day at an office.

Beyond that, you’re dealing with a lot of the same issues that other businesses face: developing a business plan; pricing and marketing your goods or services;  setting up systems for keeping track of income, expenses, and inventory; and making your presence known.

Microbusiness Toolbox tailors consulting and services to meet the needs of people who work from home.

I can help with:

  • Building or optimizing your web site
  • Installing shopping cart software and setting up online payment solutions
  • Establishing your web presence through social media
  • Developing your sales literature, blogs, and newsletter
  • Setting up systems for managing your business

Microbusiness Toolbox also offers coaching to help you clarify your vision and choose an approach to your business which works with the person you are; consulting to help you start, manage, and grow your business on a practical level; and an array of services to help you start or grow your business. While we do not provide legal or financial services, we can also walk you through the process of finding reputable local providers for these needs.